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Inner and external training

In HS Swiss, security training is kept in the uttermost priority, both regarding continous operators training, and to external auditors or to whom requests it.


Every HS Swiss training course is kept up-to-date to the most recent didactical and technical guidelines. Those who attend an HS Swiss course are guaranteed with the most recent contents in security education.



The ability to defend and defend effectively has now become a fundamental requirement for anyone to understand that their security is an act of personal responsibility. This competence must also be a pillar in the formation of any security agent. Surely it is crucial for us that we have chosen the Krav Maga as a basic element in the training course in personal defense.

In addition, the mental training that this combat method creates in the student is perfectly in line with the needs of a security agency such as HS Swiss that does not compromise on anything, much less on training, delivered both internally and externally.


The effective and wise use of a weapon does not exhaust itself in its ability to hit a target.

In training at the Operating Shooting provided by HS Swiss, it acquires the ability to handle a weapon from A to Z in all its complexity, learning to relate to it in both nonthreatening and stressful situations.

The learner also learns not only about using the weapon, but also to do so with the utmost rationality. This includes, for example, the ability to direct a shot from the top position.

Using a weapon means above all knowing exactly how to get ready NOT to use it. But also, when necessary, use it with maximum efficiency, precision and capability.


Multiple and complex are the techniques of managing a car.

Multiple and complex are the techniques of managing a car. HS Swiss Training in this field provides true knowledge of the conscious use of a vehicle, including many safe, evasive driving techniques, as well as, of course, those relating to the safe transportation of people and values that can provide the use of armored vehicles.


The Security Agent specializing in this field must be able to handle the latest generation of equipment to complete the task.

For this reason, HS Swiss’ Training Security includes technical, practical and theoretical notions about the use of many devices such as drones, cameras, interception systems, control and surveillance equipment.


For HS Swiss, the key word at the heart of its philosophy is prevention, or acting to secure it, to avoid danger. Knowing how to grasp and analyze a risk situation is essential to implement preventive strategies at the basis of any service, but also the most general knowledge of how to avoid dangerous situations for our concern.


The most update counter-terrorism tactics and techniques to implement them are at the center of this type of training.

The reaction against terrorism must be based on extreme capacity and training, as well as on the most robust physical, psychological and mental preparation.
nIn addition, in the light of the current social political context, courses to deepen the theme of terrorism and the possible strategies to be implemented in the event that you are involved in an attack are also addressed to civilians.


HS Swiss training is aimed at all security professionals in a complete, flexible and effective way, trying to work on the physical but also on the mental plane.

The preparation provided in this case is specifically addressed to those who work in security-related areas at all levels, through courses on the use of cosh and kubotan, on searches, on dragging, etc. etc.