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HS Security Swiss is Authorized Dealer of ASP products in Switzerland. It is also the direct contact for ASP training activities.

ASP is the American company that provides equipment to Law enforcement and private security companies. ASP is the first choice of security professionals around the world, both for training and for activity.

For over four decades, ASP ensures hight quality for products with innovative design, flawless funcion and unparelleled standard of service.

An innovative line of products, result of exhaustive field evaluations, protected by over 150 patents. It’s simply unequalled.


5 categories of products:

Batons - Restraints - Lighting-OC - Training


Low res. (6.5 Mb)

Medium res. (15 Mb)

High res. (256 Mb)


Price and orders info:

E-mail: – Mobile: +41 77 539 83 01

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