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HS Swiss security services have an added value given by three key factors:

Low Profile

Each service is delivered according to the lowest profile. Our operators do not act in uniform or easily identifiable clothing (while still remaining in a high standard of elegance and practicality).


Every operator knows perfectly also the operating areas of specializations that do not belong to him. In this way, operators are able to perform a cross-check that allows them to always remain in high professional levels.

Internal training

Each HS Swiss operator guarantees the same high professional and operational training standard, thanks to the internal training that all operators are required to attend. Continuous updates to which all personnel must submit are also provided internally to ensure the security of maintaining the highest levels of efficiency and operational capacity over time.



HS Swiss offers a range of services to best protect the most precious assets, guaranteeing total security, maximum discretion and confidentiality, and complete independency from banking system.
The custody, inside a vault, allows individuals and companies to better protect their values. Thanks to a 24-hour operating service, the possibility of storage without space limits and even for short periods of time, and the availability of a series of additional services, maximum flexibility is ensured, so as to respond to individual and different needs and in some cases, to even build a tailor-made service.
In Canton Ticino, a few steps from the Italian border .



Your data are stored in specially dedicated safes or transferred via a secure connection and subsequently stored on completely inaccessible dedicated servers.

HS Swiss offers complete certification of both the sealing of the delivered hardware supports and an encryption service on request, operated by our highly qualified agents.


Keyword: low profile.Our close-range security services are fully customized, with the feature being almost invisible to the public and potential attackers.

Our staff provides all the operations with the utmost naturalness and mime as possible, so as to minimize their appearance. Operating in low profile mode, in fact, close customer protection is difficult to detect from the occasional external viewer.

This allows to minimize the exposure of the customer, so that it is minimal to find it as a possible target of any kind of aggression. Specialists in close security services perform all their tasks before, during and after the time when the customer is exposed, in the utmost discretion. The staff, unless expressly requested, does not work in uniform or even adopt a uniformity of clothing, but will always be fit for the occasion and the type of environment in which the customer protection service is performed.


Once again we are talking about a low profile service. The values are transported in a completely transparent way. The identification of transport becomes extremely difficult.

The investigative service and escort staff provide each detail in advance and in maximum secrecy so that value escalation services can be carried out as quickly as possible and with a minimum risk profile.

Even in the case of value escalation, the staff does not act in uniform or clothing that can be identified, although it is always compatible with the required level and scope.

nThe Escorts Values service provided by HS Swiss guarantees the utmost protection for any significance of the escorted value, always using the correct and commensurate level of equipment and personnel.


In full collaboration with the investigative department, canine unit services are provided in all cases where the dog-operator combination becomes the defensive and / or preventive election asset to ensure the highest level of security, surveillance and deterrence. Our canine units are made up of the best-trained binomials in different areas of intervention, which can be differentiated into three macro-areas: research, monitoring and reclamation.

SEARCH: HS Swiss offers services with canine unit dedicated to searching for missing or missing persons.

SURVEILLANCE: Our canine units guarantee the highest level of professionalism in security and surveillance, both in the public and private sectors, in structures of any level, from urban dwelling or isolated to the public key strategic plant.

RECLAMATION: Our services with canine units cover all requests in the field of drug, explosive, weapons or ammunition research, in all theaters of possible application.


The HS Swiss investigative sector deals with all types of logistics preparation, either pre-intervention or during the intervention, providing both organizational assessments and on-site assistance.

The investigative sector is equipped with a wide range of electronic and IT tools targeted and structured to ensure the highest level of professionalism at any level of service required.


Electronic surveillance is now a must for every security agency and HS Swiss is no exception.

nOur technicians and operators are all on a high level of professionalism and preparation, coordinated in service procedures optimized to provide the highest standards in the industry, thanks also to the best equipment and equipment that make up the operating kit.


HS Swiss provides Safety Advisory in all areas where the customer desires, for example, to strengthen their internal security system.

Strong on the experience of our experienced staff, with years of theoretical and practical experience in the field, we can help optimize systems from every level, from the smallest to the most complex and interlaced.