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Our commitment to seriousness and professionalism is total. The work environment we offer is highly professional, with anremuneration online both with the market and with the actual capabilities of each operator.
Training and meritocracy are at the base of our philosophy.

HS Swiss provides high-level services. Our operators training must be conducted at corresponding levels. This is why those who work with us must follow a precise training course, based on ongoing courses and periodic internships. Courses are necessary for those topics that require constant growth over time, while internships are designed to deepen specific topics such as handcuffing techniques, car defense, use of baton etc. etc.

All our operators are required to follow, in addition to a personalized route based on the specialization chosen, a common path of intense, serious and profound training. In this way, all operators know all the techniques and are able to replace in the event of an emergency in the field, the other tactical figures present.

Furthermore, training on common themes, protracted over time, is the main factor for the creation of a coherent team, the best guarantee of coordination and mutual trust on the operational field.

The working positions are different and linked to many professional figures. If you would like more information please contact us at: